Brazilian humor blog, but I like to make Ian and Anthony gifs too.Read the faq pls
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eu queria saber pq meu quarto fica tão bagunçado se a única coisa que eu faço é ficar deitado na cama o dia inteiro

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Ian Hecox + Anthony Padilla

↳ in 6th grade a new kid got transfered to my school and i was forced to work with him... that kid's name was ian and with our shared sense of humor we became friends

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Ian called Melanie pretty in her vlog and i just 

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elemenohpy whispered:   
  Not sure if I've told you this or not, but I'm in love with your Tumblr :)

oh my gosh thank you  ♥ 

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WE GET FIT WITH WII U FIT (Gametime w/Smosh)

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Ian is Bored Challenge: One gifset per episode - Ep. 44: MY EMBARRASSING YEARBOOK!

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“Ninguém tinha percebido minha ausência. Ninguém nunca percebe.”

A Mediadora.      

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Ian + leather jacket

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this is too perfect to not reblog.

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