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Anon asked: Iancorn or Jovian?

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ian_gramI get so excited when I hear Mari talking to people in Japanese. #NotSexuallyExcited #YoureAllPervs

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ordinarios; Oi, valeu por seguir. Finalmente uma smosher brasileira no tumblr! Demorei mas achei. kkkk

*O* *O* *O*

que emoção huahuehue 

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Ian & Anthony + pewdiepie

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Boyfriend does my makeup & Girlfriend does my makeup

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My favorite smosh music video = ULTIMATE ASSASSIN’S CREED 3 SONG (x)

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We could go back and, like, look at our old comments of our first videos and all we have is, like, things that we thought were smart to say to the people that gave us hate. Wow, we just looked like idiots. 

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Melanie & Ian - Melanie’s Birthday Vlog

So I’ve finally started drawing YouTubers again! :D I thought Melanie and Ian’s costumes for her birthday party were pretty cool so I thought I’d draw her vlogging about it. :P

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